Thursday, October 21, 2010

Denial and Sacrifice

Often in life, we face situations when circumstances play villain in denying us some things which we would so much love to have. But, there are other instances in life when we show great will power to keep us away from something which we otherwise love, for something else more important and more lasting. That act of sacrificing fills you with a sense of gratification and satisfaction for your control on your mind and senses. But, then very rarely a combination of these two occurs - when we go a long way to settle our minds to sacrifice somethings, but then the villain circumstances deny us that sacrifice too. This phase of "denial of sacrifice" is the most painful, because you are stripped of the satisfying feeling of sacrifice, and strangely even the things sacrificed earlier by you don't taste that sweet.

PS: A vague representation of some recent incidents through abstract ideas. A cryptic post which only some close people can decode.


  1. If u dont mind entertaining this question....Was it about something like falling in love or if not then deciding on a path to career?

  2. @Anon: No, it wasn't that deep, but the thought could be extended to those cases too. That's why I wrote it at an abstract level :)

  3. lol.. vikas.. sach sach bata...

  4. :) super like... :)


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