Monday, January 17, 2011

The Decade that Passed By

This post is already about 15 days late than expected, thanks to the art of procrastination, but nevertheless, better late than never. Another decade in my and everyone’s life went by, but being born in ’90, my age can be roughly counted in decades. Thus, I turned ‘2 decades’ old quite recently (brownie points for remembering my b’day). So, I thought of reminiscing a bit on the turn of events in the past decade in which I can say that I grew up the most – having seen three different phases of age in a single decade; starting from a kid, going into adolescence (teenage) and turning an adult. So here it is - my last 10 years summed up in a 'few' lines - approximately my journey from what I was to what I am now.

2000-01 (Class 6-7):
Shifted school from AECS#2 (primary) to AECS#4 (secondary). Suddenly, turned the junior most in the school from the senior most, and frequently surrounded by tall fellows from higher classes. Also, the year of Kaun Banega Crorepati. Even, tried madly for KBC Junior.

2002 (Class 8):
Returned to AECS#2 due to some reshuffle in school system at Rawatbhata. Separated from some really dear friends of the childhood. Haven't yet been able to reconnect completely with them thereafter, but made some new friends and learnt to move on.
My sister moved to college. No more competition in ownership of TV and no more fighting for one thing or the other. But, realised soon enough that we miss people and learn their value only when they move away.
Gave to myself and gave myself to Volleyball – which would no longer be just a game to me in years to come, but that’s a long story – sometime later. Travelled for sports tours, away from home for the first time – one activity essential to grow up.
Lucky to get a great School Principal in MNVP Naidu sir. Faced some tough competition in academics – thanks to Ashwin. Taught me how to compete healthily and constructively.

2003-04 (Class 9):
Spent almost 4 months (2 of them continuously) away from home going through drilling (literally) NCC camps. Achieved the dream of an NCC cadet – attended the Republic Day Camp – 2004. Haven’t yet lived a tougher, more disciplined, and still more exciting life than those days. Still miss some of the people I lived with then, I wish there was some sort of Facebook then too.
Had my maiden flight in the Microlight (a 2-seater plane for NCC cadets). Developed a strong desire to become a fighter pilot in Indian Air Force through NDA. A bad idea keeping in view my fear of heights, but, the mind keeps taking crazy dives.

2004-05 (Class 10):
Return of Volleyball which turned out to be a nightmare. Got injured (a facture in right metacarpal) days before the tour. Turned selfish by still going on with the tour and wasting a place in the team (I still count it as one of the biggest mistakes of my life) and paid later in the form of complications resulting in a surgery. Actually, what attracted me was the venue of the sports meet (Kakrapar, Gujarat) which happens to be my birth place, where I spent the first 4 years of my life; just wanted to see it again.
Despite an ailing right hand due to the fracture, managed to do well in the board exams (with an astonishing 99 in Hindi, mainly due to an excellent teacher in Mrs. Rama Sharma ma'am). Cracked many other competitive exams (NTSE etc.).

2005-06 (Class 11):
Came to know about something called IIT-JEE (believe me, I didn't know about it earlier). I feel fortunate to be picked up by Sri Chaitanya Academy on a 100% scholarship, because otherwise I wouldn't have joined a coaching and cannot predict where that would have landed me.  Experienced hostel life - late night studies, later night masti, poor mess food, petty quarrels, gossips about girls, crushes etc. Fun-filled days in general, too much pressure sometimes.
Visited HBCSE for a week through KVPY (and later for Olympiad camps). Got to meet some bright people of my age (who're going to be big names in near future) . Felt elite for the first time.

2006-07 (Class 12):
Rented a room outside, Maa moved in, pretty organised life, almost at home. Big aims in eyes, consistent efforts, some ups and downs, but finally a year ending in extra-ordinary achievements - AIR50 (JEE), Silver medal (IChO), decent 92% (CBSE), all of which, I believe, became possible only because of my Mom.

2007-present (IIT Delhi):
This phase, I think, has contributed the most to my growth and maturity (whatever I exhibit at times). Not only because I turned officially adult during this time, but because it gave me real freedom and opportunity to make many crucial decisions for myself - some of them I got right, many of them wrong. Made some really close friends - friends for life. In fact, this phase of life is an era in itself. It would be an injustice to try to shrink it in a few lines. Would dedicate a complete post some day, may be after I turn an alumni.

So, that's it. A pretty 'short' memoir of my life in the past decade. I hope to make the next one more memorable and if possible, more diverse.

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  1. Versatility is something that characterizes geniuses. Glad to find one here. :)


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