Friday, February 18, 2011

My right in My IIT

A long time has passed, when the first thought to file an RTI in IIT Delhi crossed my mind. But, I assumed that it would be a clumsy affair and I would have to face similar unfavourable attitude in RTI cell as in some other offices (e.g. Accounts section) of IIT Delhi. So, the idea of an RTI was nipped in the bud itself by the pessimistic part of me.

But, some recent developments in my surroundings rekindled that thought and I convinced myself to actually do it this time. So, I collected all the required information essential to file an RTI - the Public Information Officer, the method  to submit the nominal fee (Rs. 10 only), some sample RTIs; and then proceeded to draft an application (which is nothing more than a list of questions on a plain sheet of paper) requesting for the information.

Next was the part which I was most reluctant about - dealing with a public office in IIT Delhi, being a victim of the inefficiencies of Accounts section on many occasions. But, it was a pleasant surprise when the lady responsible to register the RTI application greeted me with a smile, and politely cleared all my queries regarding the procedural details of RTI application. And thus, my first RTI applications (yes, there were two) were received and would hopefully be replied soon (not more than 30 days in any case).

Thus, in very short, the method to file RTIs in IIT Delhi is hassle-free, thanks to the supportive staff in RTI cell. Just draft your precise questions in plain english on a normal paper in a prescribed format addressed to the PIO of IIT Delhi. Submit the application in the RTI cell (opposite Diro's office) with the fee submitted through the usual challan forms. And you are guaranteed a response in maximum 30 days.

So, the next time you speculate about some information hidden from you in the IIT system, go ahead and file an RTI. Put an end to the rumours and get definitive answers. Let the age of 'information' prevail.

PS: I appreciate the support extended by young Nitesh Mor in filing the RTI by generously contributing the postal orders required.


  1. lukin 4ward to d actual draft.......gud work!

  2. And you didn't mention the sponsor :P

  3. @Sayan: Thanks. I'm also waiting for the response. :)
    @Saumya: Thank u.
    @Mor: oops. adding a PS ;)

  4. Glad to hear this. Though the guy from 2nd year who filed an RTI inquiring about the selection criteria for foreign exchange got really unsatisfactory and cleverly twisted replies. That was disheartening.


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