Monday, June 07, 2010

Introduction - Zara Hatke!

This is how I introduced myself to Microsoft Research India Lab through a broadcast email. Don't miss the surprise at the end.
Hey all
I am Vikas Prajapati, an intern in Technology for Emerging Markets group. People find it convenient to call me VP. I have completed 3 years of my Undergrad studies at IIT Delhi in Department of Computer Sc. & Engg. I belong to a place called Rawatbhata (one of the nuclear power plants in India is located there).
I’m not great at hobbies like painting, music or other artistic stuff. But, I am a Volleyball player and currently a part of IIT Delhi team. I enjoy watching almost all sports (golf, motorsports excluded). So, count me in for all plans to watch the upcoming Footy world cup. I listen to different kinds of music ranging from Indian Classical, Bollywood, Oldies to Rock depending on the mood and atmosphere. I have been active with SPIC MACAY IIT Delhi Chapter with an aim to work towards promoting Indian culture. I am a foodie and can consume all kinds of food in large quantities provided it is vegetarian. So, feel free to invite me to anything that involves food! :P I am known for cracking lot of PJs. Feel lucky that you have been spared in this mail. I do a lot of social networking. Find me on gtalk, facebook and twitter as ‘vikaspraj’. I am a bit of computer gamer too who enjoys playing the classic games like AOE-II, CounterStrike, NFS-MW and FIFA. (Probably we can organize a tournament sometime :D)
I hope to spend my intern here to learn as much as possible from all the brilliant minds around me.

Vikas Prajapati aka “VP”
(The Thing)

The following poem (yeah, it does rhyme! :P ) preceded the individual introductions. You just read one of them, but can't disclose the others (privacy issues :P ). So, here it goes:

(L to R: Abhinav Uppal, Jasy, Nitesh Mor, Me)

Jasy, Vikas, Abhinav and Mor
Have just become a part of TEM core

Mor the machine-lover,
Jasy the reader-traveler,
And Abhinav the thinker, the silent composer.

Led by PJ-champ Vikas,
They’re all so smart, yet bindaas,

Vikas digs volleyball
Jasy talks of the Great Wall
Mor hacks code, and Abhinav sings songs for all

Their brains now sore
Of trying to rhyme more
Read on, as they introduce themselves in tradition… the fantastic four.


  1. Hey!Very lively and cute poem:) Nice intro,indeed!! Congo for your new blog...happy posting!

  2. Nice. The blogging fever is catching on. Don't stop :)

  3. Great intro. :D


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