Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Trips (Part 1) : Cochin

Date: 27th May (Thursday)
Time: 2 pm
Pragun pings on Gmail to lure me in his plan to spend the coming weekend at Cochin. He starts explaining how 'God' place Cochin is for tourists by citing the attractions there (won't reveal them now itself, read on!). The long list of fascinating spots on Wikitravel page on Cochin enchanted me to say 'YES' to the plan, and the first weekend trip outside Bangalore for me was to be at a place more than 500 kms far.

Date: 28th May (Friday)
Time: 2 pm
Tickets available, minor packing to be done. No work done today. A bit of facebooking and email checking followed by lunch, and its time to leave. Pragun picks me up and we leave for Satellite bus stand, Bangalore.

Time: 4 pm
The bus to Ernakulam (yes, Cochin is just a set of islands; Ernakulam is the main city) leaves the bus station and the trip to Cochin is finally a reality! The gruelling 15 hrs bus ride is going to be hectic, but what follows keeps the excitement high! Hereafter, this post will turn into a photoblog because pictures speak much more than words. (No more on Facebook, so it will be pretty much same as an FB album.)
For the whole collection, visit Cochin Trip in my Picasa Photo Gallery. 

Satellite Bus Stand, Bangalore

The long night in the bus

And we reach Ernakulam as the dawn strikes, ready to head to Allapuzah (Allepey)

As we enter into the backwaters to explore God's own country!

House boats - luxurious, yet natural
Happy Me! :)

Kanav demonstrating some 'intricate' details of duckweed.

The group of 'tourists'
Boiled Tapioca : Vegetarian seafood

Inland waterways are lifelines of people there.

Wherever you go, our network follows! :)



Swimming in Backwaters

Under construction!

Port of Cochin

Wah TAJ!

Fishing nets of Fort Kochi

Colours and Culture

Canopy of Greenery

The trip ends with a brief but enjoyable stint at Cherai beach.
And finally, some of my best attempts to capture the scenic beauty and serenity of Mother Nature - at its best!

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  1. cool photos!!!! gud photography!!!! ab dont take the credit plz mote!!!!

    all credit goes only to pragun........


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