Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Forever" - Really?!

"Friends forever". I could never understand how long is 'forever'. As per laws of the universe (or Gita), everything that has a beginning has an end. But, how close/far that end should be. Death is an obvious option, and of course, "till death do us part" is a common oath taken with another social contract (marriage), but friendship is meant to be free from all such bindings. So, as all things are meant to end sometime, friendship too has to have a similar behaviour - an ascent to the peak, then stagnation for sometime there, followed by the inevitable fall. Why so? Because priorities change, and so do affinities. Therefore, as one friendship wilts, the seeds for other ones are sown. Then follows a competition which ends in survival of the fittest. God-damn you, Darwin!


  1. friendship wilts only when u want..

    And competition in friendship.. how could u say that... damn to Darwin's theory.. All depends on our decision what we wanna do..

    Attachment needs effort, time peh nahi chodhna hota sab kuch..
    Totally disagree with this..!! yes forever... and yes really... IF U WANT... :)


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