Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CS07, Farewell to Thee!

Batch of 2007CS, IIT Delhi

Here is a short write-up on similar lines with the short "speech" I made during the CS07 farewell yesterday, with a few extensions of ideas and better expressions:

In this farewell, I could have been on the other side of the line (with the ones passing out, and not with those staying behind for another year). But, I chose to get "dualized" and sometimes, I am presented with reasons to consider that decision to be a mistake - another year of academic load, another year at IITD but without many of the friends. Well, the internet ban in the nights from the next semester is another major concern.

As I look at myself today, I find that as a person I've grown up the most in the last four years of my life. I entered IITD as a young kid, who hadn't faced the world alone much. After four years, I would like to believe that I've matured a lot as a person. The major contribution to that comes from the people around me - the students and the professors alike. The students coming here from diverse backgrounds have something different and special in each of them, and there was something I could learn from most of them. With friends, the experiences have been mixed - some funny incidents, some tense moments. Similarly, the time with profs has also been a mixed bag. Jokes have been cracked in classes, and nights have been spent on assignments.

Now that four years of awesomeness have passed, I doubt the next year will match up with those standards. The Bharti Bldg will remain the same, but with the people inside it, who actually matter, gone, it would be nothing more than just the dept building. The GCL will reduce to a large room with hundreds of computers, and will no more be a fun place to hang out.

B.Tech. people, you'll be missed. As CS07 batch starts to scatter, the google group will be silenced (the last week has been phenomenal), the hostel corridors will look emptied, faces in GCL won't be so familiar any more. Though in a shrinking world, it is most certain that we'll remain in touch through various means, life will never be the same; because as per my experience, long distance relationships don't work out so well.

So, as the lovely people of this rocking batch enter another phase of their lives, I wish them the best. Guys, it was an honour serving with you, "May the Force be with You".

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