Monday, June 07, 2010

Hello World

Yes! Being a li'l bit associated with the field of Computers, those must be my first words after my birth in the world of blogging. This blog has been in dormancy for long now, as I created it long back in March 2009 after some really interesting reads on my friends' blogs. But all this time, I have given in to my laziness and a self-appeasing argument of no-first-blog-golden-idea. Also, I had always found some way to while away my time which I could have put in to write out my thoughts. So, what conspiracy on behalf of the universe did it take for me to start it finally.

Firstly, the issue of time! If you are a regular Facebook user and were a part of my Facebook friend list, you might have noticed this on your wall some day (31st May, Quit Facebook Day):
 " Quitting Facebook! Had become very addicting...almost like Smoking for some ppl. On No Tobacco Day today, bidding adieu (permanent or temporary, don't know) to Facebook! Lets find some new addiction! :) "

Now, after spending a week away from Facebook, I guess I'm over that addiction. This attempt at blogging is my first in direction of discovering that new addiction. An addiction - which can serve some purpose after all. Through this blog, one of my aims is to revamp some of my self-expressive skills through writing. Also, Facebook left a loose end which I could pick up in the blog and gave me a good enough idea for my first blog. Moreover, a lot had been cooking in my head lately, which I could not find a proper place to put after the demise (deactivation) of my Facebook profile. Hence, in my future posts, you can expect some pretty spontaneous ideas that sprout in my mind and this is probably the first place where I scribble them because of my high proximity to internet almost all the time.

So, by any chance if I have aroused your interest in my thoughts and personality, stay tuned! :P

Peace and love,

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  1. You are absolutely right..this new 'addiction' will serve some purpose. Facebook wasnt totally made many new friends there whom you would have never known otherwise.This blog will make you 'better known' and more accessible to us.Besides,the ability to put your thoughts in words is an incredible ability, very few possess it.For the sake of your 'non-IITian' followers, write some posts about your jouney to IIT, the Chem Olympiad...because Im sure you hold these experiences really close to your heart, so shed light on them:)


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