Saturday, May 09, 2015

UPSC Interview (IFS Examination-2014)

Exam: Indian Forest Service Examination - 2014
Date: February 4, 2015; Afternoon
Board: D K Dewan Sir
Duration: 22-25 minutes

My Profile:
Place of Birth: Surat (Gujarat)
Home State: Rajasthan
Education: Dual Degree (Computer Sc. & Engg), IIT Delhi
Job: 1 year in management consulting
Optionals: Chemistry, Forestry
Extra-curricular: NCC, SPIC MACAY, and Volleyball
Hobbies: Chess, Reading non-fiction books

Interview Summary:
  • You worked in private sector, then you started preparing for civil services. Now you want to come into forest services. Why?
  • It is commonly heard that “Bureaucrat is all powerful”. Do you agree? Why did this notion develop?
  • What is ICJ? Where is it located?
  • What’s the difference between IMF and World Bank? Where do they get money from?
  • How to eradicate corruption from this country? [long discussion]

  • What’s the forest cover in Gujarat?
  • What are mangroves? Sacred groves?
  • As a DFO, how would you use computer technology for improving governance and transparency?
  • What’s the use of chemistry in everyday life?
  • How does the ozone layer get depleted? Harms of ozone layer depletion?

  • Where is Kaziranga? Which animal is it famous for?
  • Where else is rhinoceros found in India?
  • What is usar soil?
  • What is environmental refuse?
  • What is participatory forest management?
  • What kind of smuggling takes place in forests?
  • What is microplanning?
  • Which is the top bird sanctuary of India?
  • Forest dept. is engaged in conservation of which bird?
  • How would you restore a degraded habitat?

  • How did you get associated with SPIC MACAY?
  • Which classical art form are you interested in? Which instrument?
  • Who is the foremost Sarod player?
  • What was the Enron case? Which accounting firm disappeared overnight due to the scandal?
  • What is bodyshopping (IT sector)?
  • Tell me some MDGs. On poverty? On diseases?
  • Which disease was eradicated recently from India?

  • When does WHO declare a country polio-free?

Marks: 192/300

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