Monday, July 26, 2010

Changing of Guards

I landed back at IIT Delhi yesterday and have been 'enjoying' the humidity floating around me with some friends I've missed the most during last few months. Now another semester is about to start and it's time to let go of the last phase of my life, i.e. the internship. A few days ago, I rated IIT life to be absolutely incomparable to that at MSR (here). But someone has truly said that you start missing something when you start moving away from it. I felt something like that when I realised this Friday that this day onwards, I won't have such lovely and brilliant people around me anymore. I would miss the whole culture of 'Party Hard, Work Harder' culture at MSR, particulary, the Lab Sabha, the PowWow, the perennial pantry supplies, World Cup and the diversity of TEM.

Moving on with life, I guess its time to let go of the FIFA World Cup theme too as it's now long over (YEAH! Spain won, still happy about that!). Just to keep it in memory, my blog used to look like this at one time:

So, as the theme undergoes a radical change, so does the way of life. From the smooth flowing Microsofty Life to the rough IIT Life, the transition is fundamental. Got some lectures to attend in the morning (unlike no strict office timings at MSR), so should catch some sleep! Ciao!

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