Monday, September 27, 2010

Long time no see!

Aha! My blog! My precious! 2 months since I wrote something down here. I started blogging at the first place to give a vent to my thoughts which keep springing up now and then. So, did I not think anything and let my mind rest relentlessly all these days? No, nothing of that sort! I did one thing and one thing only! I reactivated my Facebook account. So, all the thoughts, which when pondered over had the capacity of developing into full-fledged blog posts, found themselves on my Facebook profile as petty status messages, attracting unexpected number of likes and comments sometimes.
So, why back to Blogosphere? Did I gather enough courage to deactivate (or better, delete) my Facebook account again? No, nothing of that sort either! This time, I am back with a few crazy reflections, which I don't expect someone to listen in detail - the primary reason being that they are crazy at the first place.

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