Friday, August 26, 2011

Dharnas Undemocratic?

I find the terming of picketing of MPs houses and offices across the nation as undemocratic to be grossly misconceived. While the critics propose democratic process as the solution to this problem, they seem to have forgotten the basic premise of representative democracy. If our honuorable Members of Parliament, as representatives of the people, had reached out to the people of their respective constituency to recognise the popular view on this crucial issue of Lokpal, this act of 'dharnas' in front of MPs would have been unnecessary. Just because of the growing disconnect of the representatives from the people, such acts become necessary to ascertain the mood of people who they most proudly claim to represent. In general, the people's representatives must stop toeing the lines of party "high command" blindly and give voice to the people's will in their respective constituencies even if it doesn't conform to the party thinking, as is observed in other mature democracies like US.

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