Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting into the Groove

For the last 15 days, I've been a part of a new kind of learning experience, for which I had signed up about a month ago by shedding more than half of my account's balance. Yes, I'm referring to joining coaching for Civil Services exam, specifically the subject Public Administration. The subject is academically alien to the background that I belong to, but still I can relate to most of the concepts being discussed, which pertain to organisational management in general, due to several practical experiences. These theories and ideas have a wider relevance in the current world, where everybody, in one way or the other, is trying to channelize the resources available towards a goal. Thus, I'm led to believe that the scope of our education should be expanded to include such universally required skills.

Besides the charm for this entirely new field of study, the environment of the coaching institute is also new to me. A class of 450-500 students in a single room coming from insanely diverse backgrounds chasing one common goal. A room where my past and present are unknown and immaterial to the people around me. This never happened earlier - not during IIT, not during JEE coaching and certainly not during schooling. Personally, I'm enjoying the luxury of being untagged and the opportunity to start afresh. Then, there is this constant reminder also from the sea of people around me - about the kind of competition that I face in my journey towards the dream.

Coming to the technical details, enrollment in the coaching and sincere compliance with the schedule entails getting up as early as 8 am, 7 days a week for the next 3 months. Certainly challenging at the first look, after comfortably missing 10 am lectures in IIT. But it has helped me streamline my schedule by providing a reference point.

So, as I get into the groove for the long journey that awaits me, the challenges are numerous. Hitting a harmonious balance with the "major" project is the foremost, specially when the adviser is uninformed or possibly misinformed about the reasons of my conversion to Dual Degree. Another one is the tough choice to let go of the sport that I'm so passionate about, but I would take that call when the time demands. Right now, the focus is on harnessing the inspiration derived from the monumental feat of Mr. Kashish Mittal.

PS: The X-ed Minor Project appears to be over. Done with the project presentation and report. :)


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